Health and Safety at Keohane Readmix

Health & Safety

Keohane Readymix Ltd. recognises the important role that health and safety plays in our business and we are comitted to the safety and welfare of all our employees while at work and our customers while handling our products. Each of our employees have completed the safe pass course and manual handling training. Many have been certified in first aid. To help us provide a safer working environment, we have appointed an independent health and safety officer to visit sites on a regular basis.

We provide our employees with the necessary training, information, and personal protective equipment to carry out their work in the safest manner possible. As an active member of the Irish Concrete Federation, we have regular safety audits and we are constantly striving to improve our safety procedures to create a safer working environment.

Concrete products contain cement and other chemnicals, which may cause skin damage. To avoid harm to skin, minimize contact with wet concrete products and wear suitable protective clothing. Where contact occurs (whether directly or through saturated clothing) wash thorouchtly with water. Incase of irritation or burns consult a doctor immediately.

Material Safety Data Sheets for all concrete products are available on request.