Community Relations

Community Relations

The Aggregate industry provides essential building materials for the social and economic development of the Country. Without aggregates, the built environment could not be enhanced with safe, structurally sound buildings for homes, schools, offices, shops and hospitals.

As a company, one of our main goals is to always be a good community member wherever we operate our business. We aim to be a responsible and contributing member in the local area. We are always seeking to be a good neighbour to all who reside in the vicinity of our premises.

We are constantly taking into consideration the impact the business may have on our neighbour. The company is committed to maintaining an on-site Environmental Management System (EMS). As part of this, we will maintain written records of all complaints and incidents at any of our plants, including the company's actions to investigate the problem, the causes and necessary mitigation measures required, as applicable.

In all our plants, we employ staff who reside in the local community and who are also neighbours.

Keohane Readymix Ltd. regularly supports a number of worthy causes, local organisations and many local events by means of sponsorship and charitable donations. We also contribute towards local sporting organisations.

Keohane Readymix Ltd. has a well renowned and established practice of supporting local focused initiatives in a number of areas. It is a support based on a worthy neighbour and community initiatives.