Sand & Gravel Products


All aggregates are produced from the company's extensive deposits of sand and gravel. Washing and processing plants are located at Kilronan, Shannon Vale and Innishannon. The outputs from these plants are designed and tested to meet the applicable IS/BS standard for the product - including PSV and flakiness standards for road materials. They are regularly monitored and checked to meet the grading parameters.

The material is passed through a processing plant, crushed, washed and produces the material listed below:

Aggregate Materials

  • 6mm grit
  • 10mm grit(pea gravel)
  • 10mm Road chip
  • 20mm stone
  • 50mm stone(2")
  • Large Stone
  • Clause 804 (2"down)
  • Concreting gravel
  • Screened gravel
  • Pit run gravel
  • Fine Sand
  • Plastering Sand

Various uses of Aggregates

  • Ground preparation
  • Landscaping
  • Gardening
  • DIY
  • Plastering
  • Land drainage
  • Road surface dressing
  • Floor filling
  • Finishing surfaces for concrete yards/driveways

We have a fleet of 8 sand & gravel trucks. We can accommodate all types of loads from large to small truck deliveries.

Aggregate Tonnage Calculator