Self-Levelling Screed Readymix Products at Keohane Readmix, Cork

Self-Levelling Screed

Readymix Products

Keohane's can deliver and place high-quality Self-Levelling Screed to your building site. Self-Levelling Screed is quick, clean and cost effective. Ideal for flooring and especially underfloor heating.

Why is Self-Levelling Screed Ideal for Underfloor Heating?

Self-levelling Screed is delivered and finished in one quick operation. It has additives that include polypropylene fibres, superplasticiser and a shrinkage inhibitor that work to ensure the prevention of future damage to underfloor heating pipes.

Why is Self-levelling Screed suitable for flooring?

The screed ensures a consistent quality in every floor and produces excellent quality finish with minimum effort. The finished floor surface can receive timber, carpet, vinyl coverings or tile.

Other significant features

Because the self-levelling screed is quickly and easily placed, multiple rooms can be finished in one day. The depth of screed is nominally 60mm to 90mm in most cases. No power-floating of the floor is required. The floor can accept light traffic 24 hours after placement.

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