Quality Readymix Products at Keohane Readmix, Cork

Readymix Quality

Keohane Readymix Ltd. only uses the highest quality materials, processing techniques and audits in the production of our readymix concrete. All aggregate is sourced and produced in house and is subject to strict quality assurance procedures.

The company participates in the ICMA quality system for the supply of ‘certified concrete’. The company achieved ISO 9002 accreditation in 1992. In mid 2006, we were the first Independent concrete manufacturer in the Republic of Ireland to be accredited with the IS EN 206 standard for concrete. This new European standard, IS EN 206-2002 part I, Specifiation, Performance, Production and Conformity and the Irish Annex replaced all conflicting standards for readymix concrete in January 2004.

We are required to carry out regular internal quality audits and reviews and we have a process for continuous improvement in place. Concrete cubes are tested in house and by an independent laboratory (Mattest Ltd.).

All grant aided farm buildings from 2008, under the farm improvement scheme and the farm waste management scheme require IS EN 206 accredited concrete.

Throughout our quality policy, we at Keohane Readymix Ltd. are committed to continually improving our quality systems and increasing customer satisfaction.

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