Readymix Products at Keohane Readmix, Cork

Readymix Products

Readymix Concrete

Readymix concrete is supplied in a wide range oif characteristic compressure strengths.

Our readymix concrete is a consistent product due to the fact that it is manufactured in a totally automated computerised batching plant. Quality is assured as we produce all our own aggregates.

We provide a range of concrete solutions to suit almost any application. These include specially formulated concrete mixes suitable for a range of situations, such as substructure and foundation mixes.

We have two computerised batching plants computerised (all updated to EN 206 specifications), a fleet of 33 readymix trucks, including 7 conveyor trucks, and we sourcing all our own aggregates at our Shannonvale and Kilronan sites. So we are in the position of handling all types of pours.

We can supply a full range of normal and high strength concrete with special mix designs as follows:

  • Special mix design for piling and pump applications.
  • For the demanding agricultural environment such as silage storage, milking parlours, poultry houses, slurry storage etc.
  • For marine structures and under water columns.
  • For floors where high abrasive resistance is required.
  • For applications requiring retardant or accelerators.
  • Admixtures for water reduction and workability enhancement.
  • For fibre reinforcement and dyed concrete.

Admixtures such as plasticisers, superplasticisers and air entraining agents can also be supplied. The addition of steel or polypropyylene fibres can also be arranged. Special needs can readily be accommodated.


Keohane Readymix Ltd. produces readymix mortar. The product is produced in a modern computerised mixing plant and delivered to site in the quality and quantity that suits our customer requirements.

It is a premixed product used for block laying and plastering.

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