Full Product List at Keohane Readmix, Cork

Full Product List

We have three computerised batching plants (all updated to the EN 206 standard), a fleet of 33 Readymix trucks, including 7 conveyor trucks. All our aggregates are manufactured and processed in-house to ensure top quality at all times. We have the capacity to produce up to a thousand cubic metres per day and are in the position to handle all types of pours.

15N Concrete20N Concrete
25N Concrete30N Concrete
35N Concrete40N Concrete
45N Concrete50N Concrete
55N Concrete60N Concrete
Self-Levelling Screed
  • Ideally suited for underfloor heating
  • Doesn't require power floating
  • Suitable for timber, carpet, tile or vinyl floor coverings
  • Quality you can trust!
Mass-Concrete Insulated WallsUnique to Keohane Readymix — a more robust alternative to the standard block insulated wall.
Water-proof Concrete
Water-tight Concrete
PlasticizerReduces the need for water and improves workability, also acts as a retarder.
Fibre Re-inforced Concrete:Poly Fibres and Steel Fibres

Used to eliminate the necessity for placing reinforcing mesh in the concrete screed, or to reduce the need for a second mesh in concrete slabs.
Coloured and Decorative Concrete
Plastering SandUsed for plastering and rendering walls and block-laying mortar.
Concreting SandUsed in the manufacture of concrete and under-slab and underfloor sand blinding
6mm Pea Gravel10mm & 20mm Washed Chips
40mm Natural Drainage Stone Special 40mm stone with a high percentage of round stone particularly suited for septic tank and sewage treatment plant drainage.

  • 50mm Hardcore
  • 75mm Hardcore
  • Clause 804
40mm Natural Drainage StoneSpecial 40mm stone with a high percentage of round stone particularly suited for septic tank and sewage treatment plant drainage.
Paving GravelSuitable for driveways and in-fills in paved areas.
Structural Concrete WorksSuch as pile caps, foundation beams, cast in-situ columns and beams, floor slabs, floors, roofs and screeds.
Basements and Swimming PoolsConstruction of basements and swimming pools using enhanced concrete which delivers specialised resistance to salts or acids, integral waterproofing, damp-proofing and corrosion-proofing, extreme resistance to abrasion or impact, dusting, staining or weathering.
Full Range of Farm BuildingsMilking parlours, Easi-feed cattle house buildings, silos, effluent tanks and all associated concrete works.
Complete Industrial and Commercial BuildingsCompleted projects include local shopping centres, factories, banks, hotels, waste-transfer stations among many others.
Mass Concrete Insulated WallsUnique to Keohane Readymix — specially designed for poultry houses and piggeries where the standard block insulated wall is unsuitable as it can be easily damaged by mechanical equipment and more robust walls are required to allow for the use of industrial cleaning machinery such as Bobcats.
High-density insulation
Retaining WallsWe have successfully completed retaining walls for housing developments, road works such as the Skibbereen By-pass, building developments, shopping centres, and private residences.
Driveways and Footpaths, including Decorative Concrete for same

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